Motion Designer, Illustrator, Animator, Rogue Scientist

Jason Levesque is a multidisciplinary creative with over a dozen years of agency experience.  

Toolbox: Photoshop, Aftereffects, Cinema 4d, Premier, Final Cut, Illustrator, Dragon Stop Motion

Clients Include: Google, Nike, Coke, EA Sports, Adult Swim, Youtube, HBO, Sprint, Adidas, Oxygen Network, Burberry, Volkswagen, Alka-Seltzer, Sprint, BF Goodwrench, Fedex, Toyota, Marvel Comics, LA Weekly, SF Weekly, Wired Magazine, New York Times, Boston’s Weekly Dig, Playstation Magazine, OC Weekly, Portfolio Weekly, Advanced Photoshop Techniques, Coilhouse, Web Designer Magazine, NylonZine, RVA Mag, Playboy, and Heavy Metal Magazine. 


Cannes Lion - Grand Prix - Coke, Project Re:Brief

Eisner Award - Comic Book Tattoo

Cannes Lions - 11

Webby Awards - 4

FWA’s - 35